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Information about us and Moskosel

Moskosel Adventures Ab rents accommodation suitable for your spring, summer, autumn and winter hobbies. We will help and guide you, so that you can have an excellent vacation with your favorite hobby, whether it is snowmobiling, skiing, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, hunting or just relaxing. Moskosel Adventures Ab is company fully owned by Finns so all the communication can be easily done in Finnish. Moskosel is located 40 kilometers to northeast from town Arvidsjaur. Companys apartment buildings are beside the lake Mosko Selet. Snowmobile trail leaves from the yard. Fishing opportunities are really great in the area of ​​the Piteå River and its tributaries. Gas station is 500 meters away, where you can get 95E and diesel.

Snowmobiling in Moskosel. Moskosel is known for it good opportunities for free riding. From the start of December to end of April Moskosel area offers a diverse environment for snowmobiling. Moskosel is an intersection for snowmobiling routes, where maintained routes leave to these directions: Älvsby, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur ja Arjplog. After Christmas the routes are very well maintained. 

Fishing in Moskosel. Fishing opportunities are really great in the area of ​​the Piteå River and its tributaries. Also the surrounding areas have good fishing opportunities. The trout, grayling and whitefish populations in the waters are excellent. A mountain fishing trip is also available during the day. Moskosel rents rowing boats for fishing etc. purposes. 

Skiing in Moskosel. High-level ski resort Kåbdalis with 9 great slopes and good services is in one hour drive. Closer to Moskosel you can find skiing opportunities from Arvidsjud’s skiing resort Präestberget One hour ride away there are several good slopes. Arjeplog has two resorts: Galtis  and Öberget Kanisbacken is located in Älvsby, skabramaaive in Jokkmokk. Moskosel village has a ski route and a toboggan slide with lights.

Moskosel’s nature and hiking. There are many beautiful natural sites located in the area. Of the rapids, mention should be made of the spectacular Trollforse, located near Moskosel, and the largest rapid of Europe, Storforsen. These are rapids of the Piteå River, and absolutely forth of visit. Many nature sites and hiking trails offer diverse opportunities for nature walks and for example berry picking.